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Tech Company Names: 400+ Cool Tech Names Ideas

A great name leaves an impression that lasts forever when it is truly relevant. Some cool tech company names take a lot of research and it need to be sorted out first while people think that it can be done in the later stages.

The rightly chosen tech brand name plays an essential role in the success of your startup as it evokes a sense of cutting edge technology.

More than 80 percent of the tech clients comes from internet these days. So, you need to plan tech company names in a way that attracts people.

Tech Company Names

These are tech companies names for new startups.

  • Brain Balance
  • Brain Boost
  • Triad Technology
  • Trion Technology
  • Techy Fighters
  • 7th Tower Software
  • A Talent for Tech
  • A+ Automation
  • Aardvark Apps
  • Access Point Tech Pros
  • Advanced Players
  • Alien 51 Apps
  • Allien Apps
  • Alpha Press Development
  • Amlin
  • Amtrix
  • Analytica
  • Astray Applications
  • Atmotech Development
  • Aubrey Analytics
  • Aurora Apps
  • Auto Tech
  • Ameen Tech
  • Automotique Nation
  • Auto Pilot
  • Avatar Tech
  • Avid Automation
  • AZ Technology Inc.
  • B Software
  • BarCraft Tech
  • Basic Batches
  • Behance LLC
  • Bespoke IT
  • Beta Source Software
  • Beta Tech
  • Betage Studios
  • Bezmi
  • Billionaire Apps
  • Binary Bosses
  • Blue Space
  • Bluelight Suites Software
  • BMA Technology Corp
  • BNL Software
  • Boztik
  • Triple IT
  • TriTech International
  • True Progress
  • Turner’s Tech Helpers
  • Vortex
  • Vyrix
  • Walyn
  • Warrior
  • Webologic Solutions
  • Windy technology
  • Woodlands Corp.
  • Worldwide Tech Services
  • Yarbo
  • Zinikis
  • Twin Apps Software Co.
  • Vantage Point App Service
  • Vantage Point Tech
  • Vintage Technologies
  • Vivid Technology
  • Volantis Corp

How to name a tech company? A tech company name should be short, simple, unique and memorable while keeping the relevance to the industry. Read: Great IT Project Team Names Ideas

tech names

Tech Company Name Ideas

Following are the best tech company name ideas for you.

  • Bytes and Bots
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Code Red Technology
  • Chip Checkers
  • Byte This App
  • Capstone Technology
  • Cyber Group
  • Cybill Technologies
  • Eccentric Services
  • Century Computers
  • Chupl
  • CO-AX Inc.
  • Cobaz
  • Coders Computer Software
  • Compass Computer Software
  • CompuConnect
  • Computer Bytes
  • Computer Capers
  • Computer Cargo
  • Computer Castle
  • Computer Elements
  • Computer Task Group Inc.
  • Cookies and Cryptos
  • Core Computers
  • Core Cut
  • Cornerstone Information Technologies
  • Cornerstone IT company
  • Creatique Inc
  • Creative Information Tech
  • Crenly
  • Crisp-Pixels Computers
  • Cryptical Software
  • Cryptware Tech International
  • Crytonix Software
  • Data Backup Pros
  • Date probe
  • DeBugged Pro
  • Deep Dive Tech
  • DeployDash
  • DeployDoctor
  • Desktop Pros
  • Diginaturalis
  • Teachable Tech
  • Tech Cargo
  • Tech Connect
  • Tech Trek
  • Techarius Development
  • TechAware
  • Techcess Group
  • TechIQ
  • Techncorp
  • TechniData Software
  • Technokings
  • Technology Informer
  • TechnoTrends
  • TechTrust
  • Techware
  • Ten/Ten Tech
  • The Tech Throne
  • The Web Corporation
  • Thrive Encode
  • Thrive Technology
  • Ticket to Techland
  • Titan Tech Developers
  • Tiznel
  • Tony’s Tech Tools
  • Top in Tech
  • Top Notch Tech
  • Top Tech
  • Top Technologies
  • Top Ten Tech
  • TopHat Software
  • TopTech
  • Total Tech
  • Totally Techno
  • TouchIT
  • Trace Technology
  • Tracking Tech
  • Trade Technologies
  • Trained in Tech
  • Trek Tech
  • Trezix
  • Triad Software

Do you wonder how to come up with silly hi-tech company names? Let’s help you with that.

Tech Names

Here are some creative and cool tech names for your business idea.

  • Digital Advantage
  • Digital Decoder
  • Digital Genius
  • Digitron
  • Dongle Tech Pros
  • Dope tech
  • Down Memory Lane
  • Dravis
  • Dunzer
  • EchoPress Applications
  • Ecologiq Solutions
  • Effectus Solutions
  • Element Web Development
  • Elmit
  • Encode Pros
  • Encoders Unlimited
  • Enlig
  • Enzay
  • eSafe Solutions
  • eVantage Software
  • Except Software
  • Exodus Development Co.
  • Expressway Ecommerce Ltd.
  • Farley Technology
  • Favicon Tech Pros
  • Favicon Tech Repair
  • Files and Firewalls
  • Fiscal Analytics
  • Flow Follow
  • Flutch
  • Formula Fantastic
  • Fragile Techologies
  • Furvy
  • FusionTech
  • Futuralis Solutions
  • Futuratech
  • Galaktik Solutions
  • Gamma Tech
  • Gamsher
  • Genesis Systems
  • Genius Tech
  • Giant Tech
  • GiddyUp Applications
  • Giga Bits
  • Gigabyte Tech
  • Godfather Analytics
  • GoGreen
  • Golden Analytical Software
  • Golden Master Tech
  • Golden Section
  • Great Gigs
  • Green Solutions
  • Green Stream Software
  • Green Touch
  • Green Touch Solutions
  • Hannit
  • Hardware Heroes
  • Hardware Point
  • Hashtag Web Consultants
  • Haute House Data
  • Hendey
  • High Tech Fabrication
  • High Voltage Software
  • Hitcka
  • Hopper Technologies
  • Horizon PC Professionals
  • Hostname: Repair
  • Hot Wired Web Applications
  • Hybrid Tech
  • Hybriques Technology
  • iKnowHow
  • InDesign
  • Indomitech Development Co.
  • InfoWeb Software
  • InMotion
  • Innova Solutions
  • Innovage
  • InSource IT
  • Integrated Web Solutions
  • Integrative Choices
  • IntelliWare
  • Interstellar Software
  • InTouch Software
  • Invictus Technology
  • Invikta Technology
  • Iron Clad Software

Tech Business Name Ideas

These are some good tech business name ideas.

  • IT Analysts
  • Ivula
  • Jennis
  • Jentir
  • Jumper Jack’s Tech Repair
  • Kazma
  • Kernlow
  • Keyboard Kings
  • Kingston Technology Co Inc.
  • Klasp
  • Know it All Technology
  • Lane Information Technology
  • Launchpad Web Developers
  • Leez
  • Leznit
  • Lighthose
  • Liktin
  • Lyrung
  • Macro Mobile Solutions
  • Mad Mobile Develment
  • ManageMINT Data Co.
  • MassData Delevopment
  • Maverick’s Tech Shop
  • Maxed Out Mobile Apps
  • Meganil
  • Metrilogic Solutions
  • Micro Know
  • Micro Madness
  • Micron Technology Inc.
  • Microstrategies
  • Mike’s PC Mashup
  • Mortar Software
  • Mountain Peak Software
  • Mouse Marauders
  • Movements Mobile Software
  • NaKnow
  • Nano Know
  • Nationale Digitale
  • Nationwide Group
  • Nautics Technology
  • Nebula Web Delevepment Co.
  • Neft
  • Neocyber Technology
  • Neptune Technologies
  • NerdKnowledge
  • Nerdware
  • New and Improved
  • Next Digicorp
  • Next Information Systems
  • nextGen Technology Co.
  • Nova Web Designers
  • Obersh
  • O-Data Apps
  • Odiseus Solutions
  • Omega Mobile Co.
  • OmniSoft Technologies
  • One Stop Tech
  • On-Point PCs
  • Options City Software Inc.
  • Orbit Tech
  • Orion Solutions
  • Oval Solutions
  • Ovid Technologies
  • Parallax Programmers
  • PC Privy
  • PC Testers
  • Percento
  • Personal Web Consultants
  • Petite PCs
  • Phil’s Plug and Play
  • PIX Programmers
  • Pixels Technical Solutions
  • Plenta
  • Praying Mantis Software Co.
  • Processor Pros
  • Professional PC Parameters
  • Progressiva
  • Progressive Technology Solutions
  • Progressix
  • Prytz
  • Pulse Tech
  • Qualov
  • Quantic Corp
  • Quantique Corp
  • Quantum Comp Solutions
  • Quantum Corp

Great Technology Names

Here are technology names for a company that will thrive:

  • Quest Web Developers
  • Qwaz
  • Radiance Software
  • Radioactive Applications
  • Rahn
  • Red Light Solutions
  • Renewergy Technology
  • Revelation Applications
  • Ring of Fire Software
  • Ringer Software Co.
  • Riverbed Technology
  • Root Level
  • S4 Technologies
  • Safe Mode Selections
  • Safe Seal Technology
  • Sage Solutions
  • Salorix Systems
  • Sbot
  • Scientech
  • Scretl
  • Seaco Technologies
  • Seppi Technology Associates
  • Shanray
  • SilkRoad
  • SimTech
  • Skinner Software
  • Sky High Tech
  • Skyline Web Solutions
  • Smart Tech Support
  • SoftCell
  • Software Giant
  • Solarius Technology
  • Source Code Software Co.
  • Source IT
  • Space Age IT
  • Speedlight Solutions
  • Start Tech
  • SubZero Software
  • Success Tech
  • SWC Technology Partners
  • Synerque Inc
  • Tangled Tech
  • Target Technology

tech names generator

You can check out The Next Web Post on this topic. How to brainstorm ideas? With the help of ideas here, you can easily brainstorm your IT company names.

How To Create Tech Company Names?

How to successfully name your tech business? Searching for a brand name can be a challenge. These are some smart strategies to hunt for a name for your technology brand names.

Relevance Matters A Lot.

In the increasingly crowded tech market, a great relevant name can help your company stand out from other startups.

Creative technical names should be your goal. That’s the first thing where clients get to know your business. Make this impression great.

Learn From Your Competitors

There are plenty of tech gaits where you can learn new ideas and things about brand names. Who is your biggest rival in the industry and what have you learned from them? Use some of the latest spy tools to know about the success of your competitor and do what’s important.

Convey Your Brand Message

This is one of the essential steps. Focus on your brand message and curate the best tagline ever to get more clients.

Your tech company name should speak itself.

Choose A Simple Yet Attractive Name

Simple, short, unique and memorable words should be on the top of your lists. Why? Because these are the words people like and are easy to remember.

Check out these Snappy Electrical Company Names!

Consider Local SEO

If you want to be a local technology brand in your city, you would be targeting only one city at a time. There are plenty of local search engine guides that will help in success within a certain area.

Know your audience and act accordingly.

Check Out The Domain Name

Everything is online these days. You can well imagine the value of online shopping and internet during the COVID-19 pandemic. You need to get a nice tech domain name and have online presence for your tech firm.

We recommend .com domain name however you can go for .tech as well. When Mark Zuckerberg was asked what he’d do differently with Facebook, he said he’d get the right domain name from the start.

Try Tech Name Generators

Yes, you should see AI powered tech name generator to get great ideas for your name.

So, we have recommended a lot of unique, creative and catchy tech company names but let’s wind up saying that a simple, easy to pronounce names work great as techy names where cutting edge technology matters. We hope you have found the coolest tech company name for making your new startup a great success.

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